Power Meter Socket is a monitoring and testing instrument which determines the power consumption of a connected appliance and the cost of the electricity consumed.


If an abnormal display appears or the buttons produce no response, the instrument must be reset. To do this, press the RESET button.

Display Mode

The LCD screen will automatically start and reset to MODEL 1,  to transfer from one mode to another, press the FUNCTION button. Sigue leyendo

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People Are Like Garbage Trucks

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People are like garbage trucks is a short film about the positive and healthy way to react when negativity come our way. Don’t allow a negative experience effect your day for the worse. We may not have the power to control everything that happens to us, but we DO have a choice on how we react to it. We can take control and not allow negativity to creep in and ruin our positve outlook and way of life. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don’t. Wishing you a garbage free day!

David J. Pollay wrote the story we portray in the video. You can find David’s story in his inspiring book, The Law of the Garbage Truck®. To learn more about David and his message, please visit

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