from the beginning of time humans have
always looked towards the sky for
inspiration and guidance there has been
a fascination with birds stars
gods goddesses and other entities which
seemed to exist above us and for many
humans a strong yearning to travel into
space man has dreamt of flight since
observing space and now it is time to
become the space traveler the future of
space travel requires us to understand
from where we came to see where we are
goingseveral thousand years ago philosophers
mozi and Lou bond from China were
looking to the wind for flight they
invented kites using silk and bamboo
allowing for the later development of
communication measuring distances
testing the wind and lifting men the
invention of the kite brought with it
the desire to fly the first known
attempts at flight were typically by
leaping off towns known as tower jumping
people in China India and Europe first
attempted flight this way in 1670
Francesco Ilana de Tarson published a
book that showed some interesting
concepts the concept of copper foil in a
sphere with a vacuum would produce a
vacuum airship this is still not
possible with today's materials
Francesco is recognized as the father of
aeronautics melding science and
mathematics into aerial navigation
the Chinese are believed to have
developed the first hot-air device the
Chinese lantern using hot air from a
candle can take flight and was first
used for signaling the hot-air balloon
achieved the first human lift and
advanced to what we know of as the
Zeppelin the first attempts at flight in
a heavier-than-air flying machine were
made by more than just the Wright
brothers most attempts failed however
they were the stepping stones for what
was to come later
the oldest airport College Park is still
in operation today
airplanes evolved rapidly through the
century from propeller to helicopter to
jet aircraft and most of that technology
is used today during the Second World
War Germany developed rockets that could
go a limited distance the basic rocket
technology used done is still used today
the space race started with the Soviet
Union and the USA in 1957 and led to
many developments for the next step the
moon spacecraft assigned as Apollo 11
was the first spacecraft to have landed
on the moon the space shuttle operated
at tremendous cost burning the fuel
proved to be wasteful and dangerous
technology the International Space
Station ISS is a habitable artificial
satellite that was assembled in
low-earth orbit in 1998 with the use of
the space shuttle the ISS can often be
seen with the naked eye from Earth space
X as a private aerospace producer and
space transportation services company
was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with
the goal of reducing space
transportation costs and enabling the
colonization of Mars
SpaceX reuses the first stage of their
primary rocket falcon 9 by vertical
propulsive landings although up to
present time it still uses the rocket
fuel burning technology mehron kesh has
always said the
time for burning fuels is over but did
we need to start with that technology in
the first place
ancient cultures have suggested the use
of an alternative means of
transportation with reference to
possible plasma technology you can go to
New York from Brussels within two to
five minutes
most of this five minutes is actually
landing and getting up Mehran Tavakoli
Keshe was born in Iran in 1958 as the
son of an x-ray engineer he was
introduced to the world of radiation and
nuclear science at a very young age in
1981 he graduated from Queen Mary the
University of London as a nuclear
engineer specialized in reactor
technology system control at that time
he developed a number of theoretical
ideas related to more simple nuclear
concepts and their applications in 2002
he decided to finish the full design of
his ideas about nuclear technology this
included the creation and control of
gravity and energy by the use of nuclear
materials in a clean and safe hydrogen
mehran keshe introduced the concept of
double magnetic fields to explain the
magnetic and gravitational field of
Earth unknown by the existing scientific
community he wrote a number of
scientific papers in 2004 and sent them
for peer review such as the creation of
black holes when one of the persons
performing the peer review used his
information in public he decided to draw
back his papers and to concentrate
further on building prototypes since the
beginning of 2006 several prototypes of
dynamic reactors had been built some
specifically designed to create hovering
effects similar to effects seen with
magnetic levitation basic hovering
effects have been achieved 2007 brought
the first flight test with radioactive
material in which the patents describe
the process of the field interaction
the main patent gravitational and energy
system described the initial fundamental
aspects of the plasma and uses this was
followed by the Supplemental patent
micro plasma reactors where further uses
and advancements were described mr. Kesh
found himself in Iran in 2008 and was
provided all the resources needed to
create the first lift of a plasma
reactor managed by the Iranian
government these special rotating gas
reactors were used to control the plasma
to bring a deeper understanding mr. Kesh
released the first book in 2009 the
universal order of creation of matters
which contained many new concepts
released to the public
this included the PMT IC plasma magnetic
fields initial fundamental plasma and
plasma dilution technology used for
space reactors the plasma technology was
further developed and it manifested in
weight fluctuation in a controlled
environment 2010 introduced a new state
of matter called Gans an acronym for gas
in nano solid-state the Gans produces
fields to be used in the operation of
the spaceship advanced flight tests were
performed in Iran with the guidance of
mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems
mr. Kesh tells us you can't bring all
the doctors with you in space medical
research advanced in 2010 and is still
being explored daily all around the
the Cache Foundation has provided
knowledge for dealing with many medical
conditions in space a great example of
plasma technology used for peaceful
process is the capturing of the USA
drone over Iran in December 2011 this
drone was touted as one of the most
advanced drones of its day
and was caught by Iran using plasma to
disrupt the communications plasma
absorbs fields and the drone uses radio
fields for piloting a natural aspect of
the plasma a barrier of fields
book to the structure of the light was
released in 2011 this book brought
forward the understanding of the
structure of light as a cylindrical
plasma where the light is in possession
of all magnetic field strengths book
three the origin of the universe was
published later in 2011 mr. Kesh
explained the further operation and
interaction of different strengths of
the same fields which then leads to the
creation of the universe these three
books bring forward a much deeper
understanding of the plasma science that
is applied worldwide by knowledge
seekers and scientists in spaceship
research and development there were two
conferences to release the space
technology to government's in 2012 the
first International presentation in
April Keshe Foundation invited
representatives of every country to the
first presentation of the plasma
technology the second International
presentation in September Keshe
Foundation invited the nations of the
world through their ambassadors and
their leaders to attend a gathering at
the Keshe foundation center in an of
Belgium space travel requires peace the
implementation of the plasma technology
brings greater responsibility in 2013
mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace
treaty signing of the peace treaty is a
confirmation from yourself to your soul
to act correctly in a peaceful manner in
knowledge seekers came together from
around the world to learn from mr. Kesh
and many different experiments with
reactors were performed including
improving the previously developed
reactors to fit with the new knowledge
introduction of nano coated reactors
multi core Gans systems the spaceship
Institute lab experiments were streamed
live on the internet for all to see SSI
lab tests with reactors showed strong
magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla
and showed significant weight
fluctuations in December an experiment
was performed using reactors built by
knowledge seekers from around the world
Italy Germany and
Canada were involved in field
communication tests the tests showed
that fields can interact with each other
no matter the distance or time resulting
in instant communication in 2015
developments for space continued with
different aspects of the plasma
technology such as in health energy and
decontamination in October of 2015 mr.
Kesh taught a popular week-long course
called The Blueprint teachings about how
to build the maghreb power units people
from all over the world participated
with building their own maghreb units
and teaching others with the demand of
the Keshe foundation products from all
over the world a new Research Center and
manufacturing opened in Arizona USA many
developments of the technology happened
in different parts of the world and cash
foundation USA is no exception John and
the team started performing experiments
using different sensing tools these
tools allowed the team to visualize the
maghreb field and to show others their
interactions with reactor formations
showing positive results partaking in
the knowledge together is easier and
more joyful than ever the fun has just
begun says MT cash mr. Kesh publicly
teaches the space technology through the
weekly knowledge seekers workshops
plasma enthusiasts from around the world
participate in gathering the knowledge
and putting the puzzle together in the
space race
all people irrespective of race nation
or religion are invited to participate
in the exchange of knowledge thus
assisting humanity to live within the
ethos of the universe it is recognized
that international cooperation and peace
is a prerequisite for mankind to journey
into deep space individuals and nations
are invited to come together in the
spirit of collaboration and unity to
enable peaceful application and the use
of plasma technology for space travel
food agriculture energy transportation
health and more we are excited to
release the Keshe foundation spaceship
repent to humanity
welcome everybody to the 220 first
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday
April 26 2018
I'm your host Rick kremen and as usual
we will be joined with mr. Moran kesh of
the Keshe foundation who's been here for
the last 220 knowledge seekers workshops
to guide us in the plasma teaching and
I'm sure he will continue with more of
that today so without further ado let's
hear from mr. Kesh yes good morning good
afternoon good evening wherever and
whenever you listen to these knowledge
Lee seekers series as usual we start
with many different things have we been
told are many things to be discussed
there are other questions raised since
The Blueprint day for their spaceship is
raised a lot of interest self searching
and trying to find out if we can do if
we can achieve things which we thought
could not be or might not be able now we
know we are the key to the opening of
the door into a space if we don't have
financial means of doing it we have the
essence within our soul to achieve the
same in the deepest space we never see
factories we never see the space
stations we don't have Boeing's and
others to Braille jet planes but in so
many ways they all do they all manage to
take into space and all manage to be
part of this space so it's come for man
to mature and join the rest of the
Walt the rest of the scientific world of
the universe and with it
to bring us a lot of understanding then
you ethos a new way of searching for
trouble we're most probably we all
travel very soon in the to the depth of
the space some with machines some using
our souls as the source of the energy
some of us think we have to go to our
soul to be able to take into a space but
as we always say no the teachings every
system needs a twin those of you who
look inside and thing to expand that you
could you can create a cognition but
don't forget you're attached to this
planet your soul is made of this planet
so as part of the soul which has created
you there is a tween somewhere in the
space the key to is to find a twin that
with the twin you find a new position in
dimensions of universe this is very hard
for a lot of you to understand but
gradually as we become masters of this
technology we all will understand we
need a twin soul to be able to travel
the depth of the universe is it was it
would it be am I where is could it be at
a point of the inception we become a
satellite to another satellite we have a
parallel in so many ways we notice
because we don't understand it in many
ways is the line of communication for us
in parallel with many of us will come to
understand this position very soon most
of us conquer this position on passing
the physicality but the way we are
teaching many of us will start
understand more
is that that I can lift myself it's
where I can go to according to what I
have the position of as I said in the
teaching of last time the soul of the
man does not become another star another
planet in this universe he has his own
strength he lives in its own dimension
his universe so now you understand where
the soul between soul the partner of the
soul of the man could be but it needs a
lot of understanding little enough
comprehension and all of us travel with
our own through his holes in the
dimension of the universe those of us
who have just started the trip of the
life of the universe by the birth on
this planet will take time to mature and
then unmaterialistic incur these to
understand the new dimension in life for
the others who is far to understand will
take him to the ships will take into
systems that allows them to become the
tourists of physicality life is sweet if
you understand that we can go as usual
there is a lot of points for us to clear
and we usually make some sort of
announcements and let people know what
we think what we are about to achieve
and what we are about to do one of the
best news I have for you is the Chinese
Keshe foundation the space unit has been
put together more or less and very soon
we will see as we did with Iran we will
show Keshe foundation Chinese especial
systems I'm proud to be part of this
group to be able to achieve what came to
this water called part of the world if
you listen to the first tape we just
been played he said one of the first
people who made the kites for Chinese
maybe just
flight finishes with Chinese in the
depth of the space but in Honda public
make Chinese a special program which
will read to maturity very soon every
effort has been made to make sure that
this process matures would in a short
time I thank all the Chinese Keshe
foundation supporters Keshe foundation
team in China and many people in the
background who have made this being
possible we will we are very open about
it because the nation is proud of what
is doing and especially the Keshe
foundation supporters are proud in what
China will lead to into we got to
respect and understand this system
become a tool for peace not to pull tool
for another condition and position the
reason I have speeded up the production
and completion of the spaceship of the
Keshe foundation China to go for test
and trial is two things we hear a lot of
rhetoric from America in respect to Iran
I said I respond I am responding my
direct call cause they're making
president Erickson see president Trump
you're invited to Tehran to a peace talk
by the Iranian nation and not the
government this is a direct talk to the
American administration if they're on or
Iran has touched a single son of Iran
means a single son of the president soul
eye for an eye tooth for a tooth
one daughter of Iran means one of our
presidents i from eye to a tooth I do
not touch physicality I take the salt
piece has to come by means of
understanding not by means of war any
any naval forces any Air Force forces
attacking Iran we do not touch we take
the soul of the family of the soldiers
who are fired now as I said in my talks
the man who makes the bullet is as
guilty as the man who fires the bullet
the man who gives the instruction for
sons and daughters of Iran to be killed
or whatever reason has to consider
they take the soul of the nation we take
the solve the same believe their
physicality this is a peace talk your
excellency personal trump hearing wache
to Tehran as a brother as a friend for
talk and peace the same goes to the
French president we are men of peace but
as I said in the blueprint I have the
gift to give as I gave to Naomi but I
have a gift to take too for those who
put foot wrong and by the same rule eye
for an eye tooth for a tooth one son of
Iran for all son of American soul we do
not kill we just show how the zoo how
the soul can leave the body then before
anybody touches any rockets any bomb any
missiles in the direction of Iran
Marines submarines Air Force American
army navy think one thing we are not
going for a soldier we're going for the
whole family because if the blood is bad
is bad burns down all the family this is
not a threat this is a direct act of
loving mankind we are not killing we are
moving Souls the physicality will total
but you have seen what gives what comes
when you give us all to a person
survives this is understanding what this
means this means understanding we are
directly in line for peace time for war
and killing is over we do not kill we
move the souls directly where they
should be not a bullet but the power of
operation of the universe all these red
cheeks have to stop I was involved in
the peace with Iran and America in 2012
we seen the woman who put me 11 days in
prison in Canada she's still paying with
her own brain
in the United State we've seen other
acts of the Keshe foundation as a
peaceful organization we demand peace on
condition of peace you can bring all the
websites of the Keshe foundation down
but you cannot bring humanity down your
excellency president Trump during waited
as a friend as a human person to take
her on as a guest of the nation not to
bomb the nation but to bring the flower
of peace and talk all the electrics in
respect to any war has to stop
we have killed enough without any
purpose thousands of years men have
killed not anymore
as I said in whatever path of belief you
are you always been encouraged to be
peaceful men I have drawn and I have won
and now I act I give them our love of
God and life to the children of the
president of United State but at the
same time he has to respond back with
hand apiece for the Iranian nation we do
not represent governments we represent
men children boys and girls of Iran the
people who run and built this nation I
hope I hope our American friends
understand talk the path of peace I do
not touch I just need to think and that
will happen
we've been told there is number of
questions you need to be answered from
the past times can you please let us
know and we can answer please Rick yes
sure mr. Kesh let me get up screen share
your first of one of your drawings from
last two hundred and twentieth knowledge
seekers workshop I don't remember you
but I remember why this one's for well
perhaps this might refresh your mind
they are no longer - yes of course you
do the question in the community forum
the Keshe foundation community forum
from key Keanu amid Mahatma Gandhi says
this could be the greatest 10 minutes of
all the teachings the field plasma only
reactor one question how do I know if
it's activated and ignited what are the
signs if I am thinking light am I
the point is you have to go back to a
lot of teachings back back back maybe in
the first 20 30 40 50 teaching those
days when a lot of people used to bring
and show things and we used to see there
is somewhere in the archive you see the
big answers float with a very high speed
around the Box is a square box and when
you create such a dynamic situation a
zinc and nano coated sink rate copper
and nano coated
proper new creates plus if for example
you put an iron you create a condition
of the difference in potential strength
of the magnetic fields and that itself
creates to trying to reach balanced
motion in the gases and motion in the
fields in the universe we never see
cancers we never see what you call
motors is the potential difference in
the strength of the gravitational
magnetic field in trying to reach
balance leads to creation of motion and
the one which has the strongest power of
the two dictates the direction of the
motion of the Wickerman this is very
clear you will see it in many
researchers are reported at past two
three four years that we see in dynamic
reactors the reactor going clockwise
stops I had report from Arizona this
week the reactors are stopped and it
comes no use and then it starts moving
the other way round it's the same motor
it's the same engine the only difference
is that the motors has to be influenced
by the field forces forces of the
plasmatic condition and which ever is a
stronger it moves in the test we have
seen the other condition of reversal is
like when the proximity changes
positioning then we understand that
these plasmas are dynamic the cancers
are dynamic and the more are more plates
you are the more you increase the
difference between the potential
difference between one layer to the
other and this creates a condition of
the speed become faster and depends
which one is the opposite way because
the slower this is how you control your
reactions in the high-speed travel
there are no brakes no brake pads no
clutches but condition of the creation
of the layers in interaction with each
other you create a motion of speed for
your plasma so you don't need to and if
you have put by any chance against off I
mean your acid in one of these packs on
your left in the water or in your box
you will see the interaction of the soul
of the man interaction it is yours and
then it's locked to you it's it's what
it is because it has to it if you
remember when we say when you're testing
something put one drop of the other in
there first one we are in a very
advanced position in development the
spaceship systems for China very rapidly
and as you as I said I'm supervising
this directly myself that we reach
flight in China in the fastest way
possible this is needed for what we set
out to do and it's needed for
application application of peace on this
planet and the reason I've shown you
different angles on the front standing
is how you can create motion and the
speed so your soul dictates its dynamic
even if you don't have a water in there
the plasma inside floats some people say
why do we why do we need this why do we
do that in a plasmatic condition if you
can hold on to the center and create a
dynamic flow inside the ball when the
gases outside collapses the inside has
nothing to do with outside because of
the different dimension he has made his
own center and once that rotation within
the plasma inside takes over it has its
own dimension becomes his life it's the
same very much as we see the womb of the
mother gives life to the physicality of
what they call multiplication of the
cells and to a point when the
multiplication of cells reaches a
critical point that they create their
own dynamic center which we call the
soul of man created then it becomes
independent from the mother so you have
to follow the same procedure you keep
the system to a point that it reaches
notation and appropriate notation which
you wanted to reach and then you
withdraw the ganses and physicality so
now you have a plasma there the
condition of creation and honing of a
plasma is to be able to create field
force inside your hollow ball not just
because it's there some people think
just I'll put a ball in there I haven't
followed know you have to create a
dimensional feeling for that the soul of
the system is created now that ball is
independent now you move to the next
step of the creation of matters if you
want to all fields or position
understand the principle fully
understand exactly what this means there
should be no ambiguity I tried to
explain this as I understood fully go
back to the teaching when we showed this
will be imported Nigeria remember I said
to our dearest friend Alex but there is
no water in it but I said it doesn't
need water because the fields are there
he can't walk in that empty space you
still receive it in the space you you go
for a spacewalk you still receive also
some fields and radiation there is no
water in there that it stops and the
other question yes let me have just the
second question in the forum under that
same topic which was the Caroline core
condition reactor Laurence actually had
some pictures and so on to show but we'd
have to deal with that later but he has
a question he has a request to mr. Kesh
please explain in the next teaching the
reconfiguration of the plasmatic fields
within the neutron that lead to the
creation of fields with the caustic
method and in Reverse the creation of
Gans in the salt water solution would be
nice to understand the process in detail
so that we can play with the three six
the one cores
to achieve similar effects
he said in the next program I will do
that well here that he meant this one
but he won't promise it for the next one
that would be good
yep there Lawrence to show his concepts
as well he's got some good ideas to work
with so let's have a look you see well
you can maybe not sure if I can he's got
it set up and did you show this in your
workshop yesterday yeah I was in the
workshop and I don't want it no no I'm
sending you customers come on you never
such a good salesman if he showed it
there let them come and see them you
yeah but people show it in the plasma
group and I figure if it's a good idea
then they should bring it to the no no
shop next yeah have enough there you
have enough it's the scene is the okay
let us see I know okay let's have a look
that's how long well I like I said yeah
you would have to open up the workshop
in order to have a look at it I would be
nice if Florence was here I'm just let
me check the list and see if he actually
might be available listening Laurence
and would like to show your things now
it would be a good time to come into the
zoo you see what can I do
I can we forgot about the question well
do you want me to read the question
again yeah please
and can you answer it because you
already done it yesterday well I don't
know if he's he's got a whole different
configuration that he's working with
with the sixth one the core idea and I'm
not sure if I understand all of it but
anyway the
the question goes please explain in the
next teaching the reconfiguration of the
plasmatic fields within the neutron that
lead to the creation of fields with the
caustic method and in Reverse creation
sorry you said so you don't need if you
go that way it means you haven't
you don't need caustic for neutral
that's all he's saying that fields
within the neutron lead to the creation
of the fields with the caustic method
what does it mean does it well well this
is the thing yes maybe he's got to
rephrase his his school of thoughts and
then send us a new question okay we can
work on that in the forum and try to
refine that and the other question oh
wait a minute
Loren Lawrence's has his hand up here
let's bring him in and see what he has
to say
hello good morning hello yeah a little
bit lawrence cuz your microphone is a
bit low there thank you yeah if you can
say where you're from and who you are I
know you still there Lawrence or not
we're not hearing your microphone now
he's trying to reset it probably can you
try it again they're not no we're not
hearing you at all yet check your sound
settings for microphone see if you have
the correct microphone selected while
he's doing this there's a question
coming in respect to what we said about
position of balaam in the United State
imprisonment or assassination of me
physicality doesn't count
I'm not afraid of imprisonment or
assassination because the physicality
for me is in dimension I will carry out
what I promised through my soul thank
you very much for asking the question
no yes you sound like you're at the
bottom of a pit somewhere maybe we lost
you in the cosmos
I had an incoming call and I'm using a
mobile phone to call in and I had to
restart hopefully you were are you from
I am from Hungary oh I hope you had food
enough you're not hungry anymore
we can ask my I was the one who asked
the question which led to the
explanation you gave us in the last
meeting here the box that has been
displayed and yesterday I explained to
the other people that the fields that
are created by the soul in the middle of
this original setup is if we create
multiple of these souls then we can use
them as scaffolding for higher levels of
fields and referring to an earlier
teaching of us you said we can create
the similar setup of fields with our own
emotions if we have four different
emotions at the same time similarly to
the box that we showed with the
difference creates created a toes and
the nano coated copper and my question
was regarding the caustic and the salt
is that caustic somehow I don't
understand how creates an interaction
with the nano coated copper that the
nano coated copper turns from metal to a
plasmatic field emitter and that
plasmatic field is then used in
combination with the different other
metals to create the separate plasmatic
field self-contained soul as you
explained just right now a bit earlier
and in Reverse we then used the same
method with the
sodium the saltwater solution to capture
the fields into Gans and there is some
magic which I don't understand
in relation of the Earth's magnetic
fields and the sodium that creates the
process in one direction and the other
direction and as far as I understood the
teachings the neutron is contained also
of plasmatic fields it's a combination
of the meta magnetic fields the
antimatter fields and the Dark Matter
fields as you call them in your book and
as far as I understand since its it's a
fracture of these started to hydrants
that were working with in this creation
setup it's always the ratio of the
different fields that we interact was to
create the different appearances but
it's a plasmatic field appearance or a
matter appearance and it's the same
process that we need to understand that
the caustic soda does with the copper
the sodium solution does with the
plasmatic fields to create the spaceship
and to have it go into the plasmatic
field state or then later emanate from
the fields and appear somewhere where we
need to be want to be so this is the
question I haven't understood the
question yet maybe you can answer the
question then we understand the question
you see the you refer to sodium and
caustic and other things the reason we
chose sodium both for separation of
molecular to atomic nano and then from
the separation of they're not our two
Gans is purely because of the condition
also a condition of this planet purely
but it does something with the matter
the the copper as matter it reconfigures
the copper to behave no it doesn't
reconfigure no no no no you have
understood the holes in the wrong way
the purpose we use caustic and you got
to understand this very very clearly
very quick the top layer of copper is
very very weak melting point very weak
it separates but sticks to itself at
like a oxidization and what we do due to
the rapid heat we separate that
oxidization atom oxidized atom to move
out but when it comes back the layer
below it has already taken the first
position grab your magnetic field so the
the auto cannot come back to create the
molecular structure because now is free
this is why is called guns gas in nano
state because the material has nano
sized it means become individual but as
he separates to evaporate then it comes
back to connect but the last layer has
cooled before it because it has a
central point out then it cannot attach
yourself to it the only thing what it
has is a magnetic field positioning
itself to it because is it's very much
like but there what the Arabs say
regarding the ostrich it says if you're
a camel where is your hump it says I'm a
bird it says if you are a bird where is
your why don't you fly says I'm a camel
when the fence the layer moves do the
rapid heat and oxidization then the next
layer and the air are underneath move
the same way because that's why if you
see if you have tested your when you
Nana coat the heat initial heat on
plate has a direct effect on a lot of
things when you make dancers and the
quality of the Ganz's on quantity
there's nothing to do with what you
explained Alice is not my understanding
so it's separation it's a physical
separation and then it cannot attach
yourself is separated totally it becomes
like your way proof is atomic vapor
right but on the other hand the cooling
temperature is so low that he comes back
to itself it's elastic like a journal
and then it delayed that they just
occupied themselves in to positioning
themselves now they are not they have
rust what they call there's a
terminology in chemistry they use
covalent bond it's not there anymore
when you have a common bond means your
gravitation is connected to magnetical
or magnetical has balanced yourself with
the gravitation of the other two atoms
this disappears now is just magrav
positioning so that's why you get it so
it's got nothing to do the reason we
chose sodium as the beginning because if
you look when we go into the nano into
the guns we use sodium again because you
have a tissue or magnetic field of the
sodium is enough to create a separation
within an atomic structure of the
systems on this planet that's why we
have sodium in our blood that's why we
have sodium in our body it just happens
on this planet with the 22 if you if you
multiply it you come to a lot of near
figure to a lot of things
what is sodium can you look at the what
we call the table
if you open the table I look what is
tells you for sodium tears give me a
don't forget we're speaking about ten to
fifteen percent and then as you pass
oxygen up to 20 percent gravitational
magnetic field because then the inertia
doesn't count when a matter is in the
condition of matter state in the copper
is has like here gravitational-magnetic
field of the totality of the copper and
then it has the inertia of mass of the
itself but when it becomes a plasma is
just the gravitational magnetic field it
loses his inertia when he's become nano
structured more of s to become against
that when it comes against hardly has
more or less no inertia in the Nano
state still possesses some inertia so
you have part of the mass inertia which
is not with the material you see if you
look at the figures after atomic my
atomic numbers of sodium and then you
look at their atomic mass and you look
at all the combination of it is 22 23
then if you put 22 23 and then you look
at the other matters like copper zinc
some isotopes of iron then you see Y
comes into operation you look at that
amino acid
I mean acid runs 43 44 and then you see
Y salt was chosen it's the gravitational
magnetic field but it has full spectrum
so when we talk about like these kind of
conditions we're looking as a
gravitational magnetic field of the full
spectrum of any element
it's now the physics of numbers is a
physics of a strength
gravitational-magnetic field balance you
look you know what you have sodium
potassium then you have a calcium look
at the numbers how close they are when I
was around 10 20 % and then you see
there is a order of balance with all of
them you have to walk away from the
matter state and move into there what we
call feel the state string and then on
this planet
sodium chose to be a very good structure
for separation
Quincy dentally sometimes when you don't
get a good man of quoting or you can't
get a good gas production look at it and
look what's the ratio in respect to
sodium it gives a very good idea good
indication it creates a gravitational
magnetic field the strength which pushes
ratio of 1 to 2 to 2 2 to 3 3 to 4 in so
many ways then you understand why we
choose these things you've seen it
people create nano-coating by heat by
temperature by gas I think it's
interesting here mr. Keshe you just
mentioned heat and it turns out that's
the the isotope 23 sodium which is the
common one is created in the carbon
burning process in stars by fusing two
carbon atoms together that's kind of
interesting about we know we know this
is all fairytales atoms in in the space
are created other conversion of the
position of their destination otherwise
they're in a plasma condition of field
this is an old physics which was
imaginary everything we couldn't
understand was done in the star so we
accepted it now with research labs in
Keshe foundation our team very soon can
tell you how many grams of salt they can
produce by creating the plasma and then
creating condition of the matter state
to it it's Turkish where the the whole
proposition is the ratio balance in the
gravitational magnetic field list and
sodium on this planet has such a factor
that it can play these kind of things
and if you look at it it has near enough
double structure of crystal bond of the
carbon which means creates a forces
condition of separation you got to
understand when you have a carbon which
is six you have the cognition of what
you call playing it depending on the
condition of the environment as a time
on the best insulator or you become one
of the best ice body college conductors
if you want to use it then when you look
at it carbon is not 12 our colonies 11
something so it just comes to happen
develop it is sodium so it's a double
electron mass our sorry atomic mass past
matter gravitational magnetic field and
then you put tap machine on and off of
it you jump into a 40 which is sodium
calcium and potassium and then we play
another double 10% which a triple 10%
which is 66 68 10% down is 60 you come
into the realm of copper and
zinc and iron more or less depending on
the ratio division and these ratios one
by one on the strength of the ratio lead
to the creation and attachment to each
other that's why human body contains
these elements carbon then you jump to
sodium then you jump to potassium and
calcium and then you jump to iron and
zinc we done this in one of the early
teachings and we asked to see if this is
the condition was the next step the
emotion and then what was the next step
to the soul of the man mr. Kesh would
you allow me to go back to the box where
we created the self-contained soul yes
everything has a soul let's see the soul
of the box the six sided box where we
use the nano coated copper and the
different metals the different metals to
create the gravitational Center the
hydrogen at the outside and the feeding
loop between the magnetical and the
gravitational so that the deuterium and
the hydrogen started moving as layers
and we created this self-contained
plasmatic field in the previously empty
bowl plastic water and my my idea was
that this plasmatic field ball if we
have multiples of these arranged in a
star configuration and if we get to feel
how to interact with the field in the
center and the magnetic field the six
and the one we can then manipulate those
and use those to create another layer of
scaffolding for the next dimension of
fields that is created with these swords
as star formations
and my understanding was that since we
created them at the first dimension of
plasmatic fields f ranks of the carbon
and hydrogen and the outside using the
nano coated copper and the metals if we
used the first dimension as the
scaffolding for the next dimension we
would be manipulating the sub atomic
plasmatic field
and the reason why I brought up this
whole Newton sodium issue was that in my
understanding since we are changing the
configuration of the matter state to
nano state we are doing something with
the heat within the atom so that can
create the positioning of the nano
layers so something must be happening
with I within the element that creates
the proper the matter state so that it
changes to nano state and then again the
state similarly the sodium in the
saltwater solution within the Earth's
combine the confinement that's something
to the plasmatic fields so that they
convert to the Gans state as we
experienced and I want to understand
what is going on within what we call
matter the atom the neutron what what is
being changed so that it one in one
state goes to the plasmatic field
strength and on the other hand comes
back to the matter
field strength it's the same thing that
the spaceship does it converts itself
into plasmatic field goes to the
destination and then comes back into
matter or the feed stream that is
required in the environment
and it's all done with the manipulation
of the reactors by the control of the
reactor version it's the same as happens
with the atom when we turn into nano and
Gans and field strengths and then back
to God
have you seen this video before Lawrence
which one the one that's playing now on
the screen yes I know it absolutely I've
been with you or do you see the field
structure we didn't a neutron it's very
much the same as a field structure
within an galaxies but as I said last
week I was talking about can I share
screen please yeah in so many ways in
some galaxies we see this and in so many
ways we see it in the same proposition
as the spiral if you look at the arm of
the galaxies go like this so as they
build up these arms of the galaxies
themselves is our inner shape
manifestation of one cell which is a
neutron it's strong with it closest way
you can explain and you see it the
galaxy is full of pieces the Stars some
how did the stars came about as the
field close look because the galaxy
throws away as much as takes in it's
very much what I explained last week you
buy the magnet we look at only one
direction because it suits us but if you
look at it these are going in but at the
same time if you look at it this space
gap here is not a space gap is what is
coming out at a higher strength
gravitational magnetic field and if this
is a gravitational magnetic field is a
friend and gravity the space gap is
opposite to what you see in a sphere the
flow of fields are this way but in a in
a way the flow of the fields out of the
galaxies the other way northern pole of
the galaxies sits on top of it
not on this equator where mr. galaxies
is that equator we see if you look at
them they literally this thing is like
this more or less in totality so the
field flow is this way even though we
have a field from absorption and
repulsion across it so the gaps is the
same these gaps are where the fields are
coming out
so as these fields are coming out and
going in at different things they they
they rub against each other they create
more tricks as they create conditions we
call them solar systems more as it goes
out and as it comes back into yourself
and plus body absorbs from its
dimensions we have to look in more depth
and then you see if you want the real
structure near enough of a plasma of a
neutral look at the Stars look at the
galaxies actually it's the same we speak
about the crashes of solar systems this
is what we say it'll be the destiny and
the destiny of this planet which is like
every other planet but when you have a
in some of the early teachings we spoke
on message when the two galaxies is each
other we see what mayhem they create the
universe's which hit each other when
you're in the unit costs when you see
the entanglement of the universes they
come they just get pushed it is our it's
unbelievable we say there are hundreds
of trillions of stars and galaxies and
this in this universe now I imagine this
universe is one of the smallest Roman
Nurik art sites were of those twinkling
stars of the universe and
when they hit each other and they they
merged the gravitational my a totally
new cycle of life is start unknown
because each universe has his own a
strength inertia of these neutrons as we
call oneself now the two have to mix and
the new neutral balance has to be
created it is horrendous it's like a to
jaga nuts forget about Jagan was true
whatever you call it will literally melt
down the Mississippi since it's
impossible to even comprehend what
happens inside because each one carries
a cycle of souls in this small scale we
use this the creation of matter with two
rotating reactors we can do of course
but what you want to do but does not
happen usually with the two you have to
introduce the third condition of the
conditioned position of the matter
sometimes you get but whatever it is
when you interact the to the the core
receives the balance of what is the
interaction of the physics like if you
go inside your core and look outside you
see a lot of lights coming in out there
strength of it it's something I was
explaining to children once before maybe
it's good for the apples if you have and
you can see the light created by the
interaction of the fields of the Sun and
the earth is from such a distance such a
huge light we get big called the
daylight can you imagine when these two
rub against each other near each other
what light it creates and then creation
of new plasmas till the condition of in
the university-commerce exchange of
plasmas to the matter state the strength
of what they have to be matters appear
within the solar system within the
galaxy out of nowhere that
when the gravitational magnetic field
strength compared to the environment of
the environmental gravitational magnetic
field creates a balance fields which
leads to manifestation and by the
strength so it's the condition which
materialized is not the interaction if
you get if you have two reactors and
block it and you change condition of
here to condition of these two fields
continuously produces copper and then
you change this environment every one
produces ink because has the string
comparison to the plasma doesn't mean
the copper is gone the couple is still
there but it does not have their
strengths for it to manifest zinc it has
copper and then vice versa this is how
you create matters in the universe you
don't keep on going in things you can
change the environment according to you
produce what you need at the position
any other question what is plasmatic
balls this plasmatic fields that we
created in the six sided box be the best
no there is no best try job try 16 there
is no limitation on the number of course
or the strengths of the plasmatic plane
it depends what you need what you want
to create the more you add the more
complex it becomes
and yet a question well as our header
hand up for a while and you did have a
Stella had her hand up as well and I'll
promote her and see if she is something
she would like to add she was at the
also yes hello Estella mr. Kish um hello
thank you for everything I have a
question you were explaining about the
cycle of the spinning of the core and at
one point is gonna stop and start
another spiracle in the opposite
direction during that cycle the Corps
has interactions with the fields around
it right and so the condition is gonna
change and when it started a new cycle
is gonna be the configurations are gonna
be different
stronger because through this cycle not
necessarily not necessarily they can be
losing to its environment too is not
always absorbing to hold some time if
you wash these reactors when they go
into the physical plasmatic block
they're amazing
i I was with I thought I was next few
months ago this is the circus troupe
they don't even move the container it's
just like your physical brake on and
then after a while they just release
themselves and then in that point they
have to find out which one they are in
balance with if they're gonna go
clockwise or anti-clockwise is their
magnetical stronger to pull it in or is
it gravitational to push it out and then
it dictate the conditional attrition
compare to the environmental balance not
of themselves total but we we change we
we evolve we expand
and so I just think that if we evolved
also all the fusible everything you know
this is why I said you know they say the
cycle of being in love is three to five
years you fall in love and after three
years oh my god
hi they're falling out of the sky or
five years because we eat different food
the plasmatic-magnetic field of our
blood changes now it's not different
Thanks and that the other one is
different saying so now it doesn't match
you know the law is different no it's
not just because you want to say it is
no it's secret magnetic field it has a
string darling it has there it's a
living thing you want to say this is
because then you can justify it
our on a human have you seen aliens
falling in love by God they moved
it still has a strength emotion carry
carries interaction of fields but when
is strength in the blood matches the
strength of the heart and then of the
other side the twin then God help you
that's it the craziness is start today
falls out till the balance comes it
comes to a halt you know and then he has
to restart and this is my god by the
attracted to this one it should be the
other way is that why they say we always
looking for that twin yes but is that
twin once we can locked up that's why
Universal twins are everlasting because
of their after different higher strength
compared to the to the others
there's protocol it levels the weaker
yard the easier comes and goes and man's
food is a line of the emotion of his and
say eat oysters you get this it that you
got that of be with let you get
depressed beware this was affects the
dimension of motion of that man it's
very matter state cancers are very very
different man will feel totally
different in space totally our behavior
will change beyond our imagination in
the space and it's one of the reasons we
are pushing to take money into that
direction detachment I don't have to
worry about the breakfast comes from I
don't have to worry when is it daylight
I don't have to worry about when the
food is there I don't have to worry
about if my child goes to school because
there are no schools get your food and
everything else what do we teach our
children in a space which is school from
which country with nation we're going to
teach them excel we can teach them about
death of this Wars of the universe this
this this this because there is handy
it's no use what I'm trying something
history of China or England's because
it's not doesn't mean it then they
record they don't understand what it is
but what would be in I mean in space you
can go to places in you things on this
planet don't have you been in there in a
in a city now this go to Rome you'll see
they come from all over the world to be
in Rome where do they hear about this
planet where do they hear about Rome
that they're all come there to be there
and the funny thing is they go just
because they want to see they have no
problem you go understand outside queue
of the Vatican you get the Chinese
Japanese black white muslin Christians
Catholic everybody else is in the queue
there are all Christians they just want
to see what's in that building
die just for the whole vault for
centuries that's all we go to places in
universe to see what it is the tourism
is the best part of the cash garnishing
business you watch always that the
people who come and talk to me about
energy and water
I said you wait this is nothing people
will give their lies their souls to
travel to death of the universe cash
flow to the direction of the soul of the
man and then we give it free we will we
will father I said thank you you're
and well it's it's the direction when
when we become might have a space on a
peaceful direction when we achieve
detachment through achieving attachment
to universal community then we find a
lot of things changes it's a new
horizons the new life is it's it's
totally what it is what it should be
I like emotions but I think it's almost
like we are in this learning stage where
we starting to recognize and experience
elevated emotions that feed your soul
and your like happier and I think
emotions are good is like returning to
experience things in a different
perspective and that's what is it good
about being human and unfortunately we
have a pass but we shouldn't look at the
past we should relearn to be like I
would say in the right way the soul of
the man it's sorry the soul of the man
is the collection of the emotion of the
mind in so many ways because when the
fields of universe come towards the soul
they pass the emotional first so some
carries emotion from the dimension of
the physicality it's something in learns
it's a knowledge it comes toward it's
not something which goes out and then
when you're ready it's hard it carries
that part of that feels carries part of
the English there is something very
strange because it's not the strange but
you have to think about it every human
being has to one somewhere down the line
think about it have you ever started
talking and then already listen to
people and say where do you get this
knowledge from where where where does
the brain think of the next word where
somebody let's say start telling a joke
how does he know he's going to end up
with this point when he starts the job
where is it analyzed where is it planned
you cannot put word by word on board and
not to get there why do we say some
people are planning
where do we plan these things that we
carry out the plan have you ever stood
still one second what did the motion
comes that I have to move my hand what
decides it what decides the words what
decides a motion what what decides the
thinking that he has a sequence what
makes a fish suddenly to turn he has to
come to a concrete decision but with
that essence of the decision come from
why do you use a word after another
world you make a noise we call it the
world but before you get to the end of
the last word you have you already have
a pre concept of what you glassed what
is going to be where does it come from
is it from the soul or is it from the
interaction of the motions which makes
that noise that everything which
interacts in this body the guy is funny
always laughs and jokes but this guy's
always sad when you're quiet you you you
hear your soul do you never quiet the
brain of the man can never stop being
quiet but the strange thing is why don't
be wondering better sleep what happens
to that or we don't that census memory
opens them it the computer runs no
recording of the noises or energy I
start thinking a step beyond that
because you need it in the space
technology development because by the
time it comes that is said to your head
you're 1 million 10 million kilometers
down the road in the wrong track so it
makes it necessary for the man to start
thinking where does my thinking come
from we have to go one a step deeper now
that we have gathered the knowledge we
we have no choice what makes our
decision where where is the next word
planned because if you understand better
next one next word is plan next emotion
comes from then we know how to handle
the space use of the our own but I have
a question for that give me an answer
I'm not here to give you a question so
if I think in a rational way
scientifically you do step by step and
you're gonna arrive logically to an
answer but sometimes you receive the
answer without thinking ah
but where does that answer come from a
connection you have with your soul yes
so now the question goes back to what I
just asked I want I come every week here
to teach I have anybody seen me coming
and sitting with a note or reading from
a note no never never maybe thousands of
hours of teaching in every aspects of
the knowledge of the man from cosmology
to physics to biology to medicine to
energy anything you give me a given
answer you can go and check if you don't
understand in years time Society is
where does knowledge come from no it
goes beyond that it goes far beyond that
this is what man does not understand you
mean if you even if you type in the
fastest computer you have to wait a few
milliseconds for the information correct
way to come up and then you have to read
it to understand it I'm like a button
you push you get an answer
instantaneously the the what we have to
understand is that where does that
thought comes from it's passed beyond
emotion and thinking
it comes from the essence of the
creation essence of decision-making
within the structure of the soul of the
man because by the time I think oh I
want God brother Zeus I'm already 10
million lights away in direction of away
from Benares so my mind my set has to be
that I am going to run a zoo so as a
predestined but where does it come from
this previously where does well you how
do you think the next what comes in your
life that you speak it so that's why we
have the core at the center of creation
and then you have your twin and you have
your three star formation we we have to
understand the interaction of the soul
of the man with the interaction of the
soul of the unity okay but if I was a
relationship and I'm not in that way can
you repeat well because the universe use
the same structure for everything no man
sees a structure for everything universe
balances the structures it doesn't see
the balance of the fields leads to
creation of it man like to construct
them danny has a meaning to it I was
talking to one of our top guys recently
or top people and I said you know what's
the beauty working with women men you
cannot give them two tasks women are
multitasking so now you put how do they
multitask they can use different part
and have everything sitting working at
the same time but where does it come
from even the thoughts to be able
so we have to start not that we've
developing the plasma technology
understanding the structure of the soul
we have to go one step now further that
where does that what you call thinking
comes from that leads to the world which
comes out in a matter of physicality or
the action of this cavity even though
you have not taught about its second
millisecond before so sorry
who's some of these microphone is open
is that process there is another system
running behind our presence of light
that is aware of the physicality
dimension that is already set to come
and this is the answer this we need we
have to have this the answer to this if
we become the manner of space because by
the time we speak it we think it that it
comes to our physical actions too late
10,000 light away and then you have to
step in NASA guys oh I went outside this
universe and I came back by time you're
counting so many millions of years text
to come in we have to go one step
further we have to understand where does
that come from or maybe also be
connected so you get that information
more fluent and it helps you to be a
navvy how you call a navigator or like
the driver
you don't become a navigate to you there
is a process that goes
beyond dimension of the thoughts of
physicality of the man and man soon will
come to understand it because now that
we open the depth of the understanding
within the universe for the mad man has
to understand simplicity of the
operation of the universe we have made
it so complicated one more question yeah
what you just said basically if I'm not
a navigator I'm not traveling from point
A to point B basically I recreate myself
in point B that's a different way of
seeing it you see we we have to open the
seeds of thoughts for man to get to know
the inner of himself the inner structure
of himself and as I said now that we
have opened a space in a very rapid way
with everything else in a very joking
way last week as I said it was a fun
week we spoke about trying to get into a
spaceship try to get out of the
spaceship and answering a lot of
questions how am I going to get in do I
create that fields that matches where I
can go through but Dad on who doesn't
have that thoughts can come do we have a
key and a door we get in or do we create
the balance fields within our soul that
allows us the passage through that field
if you understood many of the teachings
where I said fields of the universe come
in pass through the brain and gets
absorbed by the soul we don't keep on
opening little doles the things to come
so for those who become the true man of
space do they need a gate to go through
the wall or do we understand the feel
the strength that allows us to grow
because as much as from where we came
but others who do not have that cannot
go we we have to mature really fast
there is not much time we have to mature
rapidly fast in understanding the truth
about the operation of our all life in
the dimension of the soul of man in the
vision of his physicality and what is a
interface between it hello mr. Kesh yes
this is John from Arizona or we don't
know you can you explain who you are oh
yes yes yes John carry on
um so one of the things that I was
playing with was sending my
consciousness into the field of the
spaceship and becoming one with the
spaceship how do you manage to do one
thing in Arizona
I saw your video with a fan is fantastic
yes we shown this with dr. Leah cassava
as is in the video we saw at the
beginning of this where we sequentially
through the understanding they feel the
strength we stopped the motor twice the
point is I have done this many times
what I do it in different ways for
many of you who are been or spoke and
only been around me I ask you would you
like to see shooting a star so I create
a shooting and start not only for you to
see but to dance last year with our
friends and who were with us I said to
myself I wish I could create 10 shooting
star that I could see and one Duran says
oh I wish to see one macam I said I wish
your tenure see 10 is it my wish or is
it the condition of creating that
condition to create a wish become
reality if you stand in your in front of
your reactors stand and see if you can
become one with your reactor that non
the selling mechanical rotation but you
can control the speed of the fields
inside the reactors you have to do this
this is part of your test when you
become a pilot of the spaceship sorry
it's too late two and a half thousand is
a fixed rotation how many times have you
tried to stop the motor journey well we
actually have influenced the motors yes
but can you stop now so try this is your
this is something you have this this is
part of the game why we come to this
point because the core carries the
ganses and the motor carry the
physicality when you can't stop a motor
then it means you have access to reduce
the gas flow fields that they do not
block or they block as much as you can
interfere with the current flow because
it's magnetic flow these are usually
brushless motors that you can change the
so many of you who start working with
Gans plasma systems stand in front of
them and see if you can change the speed
of the motor listen this is what anybody
will has to do we proven any can be done
we have shown it live on the net it can
be done and we stopped the motor we run
it and we stopped it again so that it
wasn't an accident
and the the recording shows put the time
of the choice to the stop is few seconds
it was on the Internet as Rick has
mentioned in one of the presentations so
how far how we managed any of us to
control the dimension of physicality
with the soul which runs within the Gans
systems more dynamic motors because if
you get it wrong the other one runs away
and if you have to get it perfectly
right so let me finish then you
understand you need a twin soul where
the motor in becomes the center not
their soul not the second soul
this needs a lot of deep understanding
you become like that pat on one side and
you create another pad on the other side
where the motor is in the middle you
take from it you give to it doctor where
dr. Rodriguez removes cancers
is the field transfer which creates a
motion or removal of the energy fields
not my thoughts and the field transfer
comes in two ways
so next time try to see if you can and
don't put your head in it give to it
with the joy and then you'll see and
this is the way you become feeding your
soul this is the key to feed one Souls
without the food one of the motions are
to me I haven't eaten for four days and
I stopped I don't want to be touched but
eating nuts does not do understanding
the feeding process through the soul of
the man which comes from giving and not
from taking because when you give you in
a way and open as we talked last week
the gravitational field forces of a
higher order which means the food you
receive but by giving more you open the
higher strength to receive more so you
don't actually need to eat food and this
is this is the this is the reality about
creation this is how you live in the
space you become a cycling process what
those who need and then you receive that
you can give is that empty space between
the magnetic fields on them iron dust on
the table the the matter state has shown
itself in the dust shape the one which
is above matter state is an empty space
so it's a process of bringing the twin
flame together with your soul pretty
much and uniting them is one you don't
need to unite you have to allow them to
work that one gives enough that does not
take more than what it needs then you
may both go in a spaceship together more
or less you create the gravities look
okay thank you welcome thank you very
much we bitch who job John
it's beautiful what you're doing there I
enjoyed watching that farm but I thought
he should start on the leather cat hard
it would ever stop the whole thing okay
thank you very much John
I've done this because it's it gives you
a lot of confidence it gives you a lot
of joy it gives you an insight to be a
giver not to take care those who want to
push to stop you'll never succeed those
who give for it to satisfy the soul of
the man succeed I think needs a lot of
i I I think we have brought in some of
the best teams in the world to achieve
Chinese they've done motion and is
taught of us all of them it's amazing
how the Chinese team is very much
detachment but succeed in the humanity
to overcome his pains is their objective
and this is amazing what you see with
them as well as the greatest pleasure to
work with this team they're coming
together and you will see their ambition
is not to fly that mission to create
peace of soul
can you explain a little bit about that
twing the twin soul of the man I was
explaining this in a lot of different
ways to Carolina past school two or
three weeks and there we call it the
twin but in fact is the essence of
creation of our own it is what we are
made of that we need to be created of
the soul of the man on its own has no
dimension how motion in need is as I
said you need another field to create
the dimension of the motion in so many
ways in a dimension of physicality of
the soul of the man even at the point of
Inception the soul of the mother is
initiator but we passed that very
rapidly because we find another to be of
us sometimes when the twin multiples
into twins that you have too many you
let to body call beautiful people or
when they position themselves in
different positioning in respect to
different field strength because of the
condition you need to the twins which
are separate and the opponents of it we
are especially and when you go to a
bigger dimension like when you come from
a higher or different orders of the
strength you carry your twin soul
because it is a need for it to take what
you don't need but in the process you
both benefit by the other
cock top more or less wonder physicality
and the soul of physicality come
together balance is the time when we die
physically that's why we feel separating
separation because there is no only this
completion done when you travel the
depth of the universe you have a soul
but I call it to in soul which has
troubled you with trouble video search
is millions of years it's the structure
which is part of you but without it you
don't exist because he has been part of
the existence that you come you can't
what call it you confirm its existence
or your it in the physical dimension we
have the soul of the mother and this
world of the physicality but it's so
weak this world of physicality in every
cell that the totality is needed to be
able to hold on to be attached to the
soul of the man then they become slack
hair totality of it as like a electron
and a proton but that proton itself
needs a neutral to confirm its balance
Thank You mr. Kesh as our has a question
and she's had her hand up for quite a
long time here so as our would you like
to ask your question now
good morning mr. Kesh my question is why
and how the twin soul was created and
then if I'm if I'm existing on this
planet and what is my twin soul doing at
this time I mean he's a goner him or her
I mean I can't ask you because I'm
asking you you know sorry I don't know
yours I don't leave your address no I
can ask my twin so very this is you have
to understand you still in the dimension
of physicality you're always aware of it
most of always laughing look at that
she's asking them always there but we
are aware of it it's part of our
existence and we need the confirmation
of its existence for us to live you see
if you if you are single soon they take
the field to give to the environment
becomes most of it is not needed and
then you get clock top as we said before
so you have a process that he observes
all the fields that you do not need some
on the strength of it which allows the
others to release themselves or be
manifested from it
so you have every creature in the
universe has to have a position
otherwise it cannot give it to confirm
its existence we have to become aware of
it and if we can use it in a correct way
we can do everything why do you have to
know why we don't why because but is not
that why is the process of creation I
now I'm going to tell you something I
put you there with the fields coming out
of you and you have nothing to go
anywhere where you go buddy's going to
go that traffic jam so can I say can I
say goodies only have the tree sold
because one of us is gravitation or the
other one is mighty cold as well yeah
well the other one is a magnetic align
you're a gravitational but we have
created this condition
it says condition of the creation and
why do I need my twin soul to travel
through space you have not understood
you super go back to school or such so
exactly what I said is one of them is
magnetic on earth is gravitation that's
why we need it know that you missed it
education while you are magnetically
your gravitational from the North Pole
the same as your gravitational magnetic
effluents up but it doesn't all happen
in the north and south this the totality
of this verse of the galaxy we collect
in center if you something which is very
interesting for those of you who
understand geology if you look at the
geology of this planet and look at the
line of the deserts you start from China
all the way through Iran go down and
then you see the other side the deserts
have you asked yourself why why in that
and it runs perfect with the dynamic
field flow of the center of the planet
because the field flow is slightly out
of line
it sits in an angle the wages across but
the reality of it is how is it created
isn't one of the reasons of it the
position of the moon we always looked at
the position of the moon how it moves
the seas we got a high tide and low tide
but are in their moisture and Porter and
everything else on the deserts and other
positions we have never studied the
effect of the moon on the desert in a
way because we thought that out of what
they are but is it the effect of the
twins or what they called the solar
after twin soul of the earth which is
the moon these these are the points you
if you start understanding then you
understand and accept to understand of
the motion and the soul of man we
interact we need to give to take at the
same time how much we give besides how
much we we can receive
we need a source that we can give to we
give a lot of our fields back to the Sun
it's not all going away Sun is is one of
our main what he called a structure of
the field flow outwards is not just what
we see comes out the daylight it comes
in the field flow that he goes through
the planet North Pole South Pole
whatever you want to call it and comes
out to be shared within the middle side
that's how we are getting pulled towards
it it gives more of the higher strength
so we become one that's why we increase
and me shorten this the space gap the
more we receive our strength of the
gravity of the Sun the more we become
like it so become part of it become
closer Matt has not understood the
simple reality for the message we want
to go to his face right now if you have
an understanding it is it open for us to
go it's been open to you from this time
of inception you chickened out you
wanted physicality Linda listen when we
go to his face we become a free man is
it because we get it up amino-acid of
the earth that's controlling us ah what
is the free man madam you're a free
woman they only become free from the
shackles of the gravity of this planet
slightly because the connection
any other question mr. Kesh can you tell
us please about the thymus and what's
the functionality of it in in in
relationship with our school you know
you're in the medical team going to it
on the medical teaching we covered it
fully covered full in there was a change
I think Thanks okay
Thank You mr. Kesh very much asked that
the team in the background they can put
you can find it I I think we have 46 or
48 health teaching I know about all the
organs but I didn't know we have thymus
also as one of the teaching I can find
it I think those were on if I there
Olivia I remember of the thymus was in
there yeah I like you just like to move
to Brett in his box and he has some
questions are giving broken
communication broken the communication
can you hear me mr. gage from your voice
it's clipping is not coming through
clearly perhaps this because you're
still sharing the screen which takes up
to the bandwidth maybe when I share the
picture here then it'll do I don't for
you so you know yeah Brett are you there
can you speak yes hi Brett so if you
could just announce who you are and
where you're from as usual and there's
the something from your walk yesterday
no no this is a different one what is it
it's a creation so
my question is I asked for peer review
so what I've created here is the bottle
which creates the atomic hydrogen which
I give to the fields in between this
that gives us what I say is the real
tritium because it's I see some
beautiful gadgets people coming up to
make to to hear me clearly yes yes mr.
Kesh I can't I hear what would you hear
whatever you're not hearing yeah clearly
it's not good yeah it's not clear for me
yeah you have a problem suddenly ah yeah
maybe God doesn't wishes to share or
maybe God is too clever he says little I
put this up for peer review so yourself
nobody it was you yeah I know but I just
wanted to share it because everything
that's going on in the last couple of
days has been all about fields and
creation of what you wish
between these filters and doing what but
we don't hold it anymore but they said
they're gonna keep it in the library
this would be interesting whoo I can't
hear you you're breaking up mr. Kesh I
think you might have a connection there
hello can you hear me back
I can hear him now yeah with a bit
maybe there's a bad connection there
somewhere maybe caught just before what
I'm trying to create he is I know what
it is that we sort of are that is this
is trying to see if it works I can't
hear you I just see a bit bit bit bit
bit okay maybe you need to connect again
with the zoom mr. Kesh maybe just came
back in I did the whole okay I've become
good at it I can jump in and out very
fast it's Gary
thank you can you hear him clearly oh
it's okay well let's have somebody else
do a screen share and maybe we can see
if that corrects the audio somehow maybe
it's tied in Thank You Flint I can hear
you better now it's better now yeah I
don't know what's happening suddenly
suddenly suddenly happened hmm maybe it
has to do with the screen sharing that I
was doing this is internal connection is
unstable could possibly be an update
happening at the same time no I know
what's happening is telling me my
battery's gonna die just one second
I forgot about the battery
can you hear me now yes yes it sounds
clear ah it was the pop is the warning
but early energy it could have find his
twin sister okay okay
now maybe continue with the breaths
picture here I guess and breath can you
fill us in and what this is about and
what your question is very humorous my
my question is and this is supposedly a
little bit long-winded because over many
times you spoke about how to use the
fields to interact with whatever it is
that we put into the central box and we
can put actually really everything
around the four corners of this box and
my my question is that I hope that you
would reclaim the six sided box knowing
that I have created the four-sided box
that can create anything that I wish any
field that I wish within the central
core and against what's in the middle so
even if that were to be god forbid
headboards and have a piece of metal in
the beginning in the center I could
create again that can do what I wish it
to do so I guess my question is how does
a six-sided version of this differ I
don't know you cannot build it Hey
yeah you came up with idea we say I need
something in English they say you made
the bet you slip in it
you you you come up with it because
actually you should have one up one down
and if you have a six-sided then you
have 18 sides to cover yep
so you do it on let us know and then
tell us what is the effect it's very
nice it's nice to see new work and new
ways of showing it
it's a Miss a beautiful way these coils
especially when you have a nano coated
coils and none of those coils they
behave very much different than the
plates - and the production of the
material is very different in in so many
ways their production sometimes very
high but the Fila strength of the matter
against as you produce are different -
Armand do not get new ideas no way you
know exactly what I mean
so we we see things like this and it's
it's nice to see actually there is a
myth in some of the work
I was explaining this to one of the
knowledge seekers today people think
just because they created ch3 and then
they go to produce the h3 it will be a
gas on a float
no way in your dreams
how come you expect the gas of zinc and
ch3 and co2 to be at the bottom now that
you made the Gans of ch3 and then you
came up with a brilliant idea to make
your what do you call it a ch3 now is a
gas like as we see here you put the
bottle you want to collect it if you
Paulo collectings in there you don't
collect are out I do it in a specific
way because I collect gases I don't like
Kansas when you create that ch3 in your
containers what you gotta understand
it's a very simple fact is that if your
ch3 is this color or make it very dark
and then you make your ch3 process
whatever what are you gonna get with
your new ch3 which is majority of it
let's say co2 has gone those of you know
what I'm talking about what are you
gonna get together ain't gonna get a
lighter ch3 the lighter ch3 and if you
be able to convert all your ch3 2 H 3
you get a cloud and a bottom it doesn't
become a castle float away so means
having understood the process so and
then you see a residual of co2 and ch3
ch3 and a ch3 and then you still have to
go to another process to separate the
two from each other none of you have on
that border yet none of you I don't
see it because as we seen in the picture
just now there's a bottle there hoping
on collecting see if you collect
anything in there it's dream of ch3 or a
h3 as you say h3 is in the cancer state
and it's in your water observe the color
and then look at the density of the
material if you really observe the sea
history and then observe the ch3 which
you have extracted carbon from it to be
a h3 as a Gans at the bottom it looks
like a cloud floating cloud and your h3
is mixing your ch3 now you have to go
through a second process to separate it
only one man has achieved it can I ask a
question can that be done first version
is free second one we have a banking
system can it be done in one process mmm
yes so you use a bag I'm not I don't
know you have to try it let me know I
had so whatever
well if the stronger feeds the weaker
you have a higher so country in one side
in a weaker salt content in the other
and I don't work that way you mean they
have it understood
okay the the plasma created by Gant's of
h3 has such a massive power that can
span kilometers
I had to go and see it myself confirm
it's been achieved and it's done by one
man from China
and I said in my past talks Chinese are
two years ahead of the rest
the creation of the Gans of a gas it's a
breakthrough in the world of science of
plasma technology and I've been waiting
for it for years to see who can make
it's been achieved in China by a man who
understands fully but he doesn't know
what he does with it
it's the beautiful process and then when
you go to a gas of against or accounts
of against then you go into the next
step after that I had to see it I had to
see the effect of it I have to see the
worry does and when you reach that
position the space right that's why we
are pushing ahead with a Chinese space
reactors Chinese have achieved a
position we're just heading is just
someone raised to complete and that's
that's the key from Chinese village
and yet
yes we've got Miguel who would like to
only put it share information about the
fields for some reactor motor emotion
rather Miguel would you like to go ahead
I'll be seeing this video auric is the
music on it I don't know if it's a video
or not I think you might oh no ok the
music of us before we go yeah I let's
check with him and see what he has here
there is no copper color in the
background and there is no but most
other better
there's must have checked these videos
let me see if he's still here
not seeing Miguel in the list and my
maybe he is under a rock oh right
oh there it is finally it's at the top
okay and promote you to panelist Miguel
and you'll be able to talk then we have
Fernando as well with his hand up
okay I think we've got Miguel here now
hi didn't you hear it yes Hey
hi mister Cochet can you hear me yes we
hear you and you if you could just say
who you are and where you're from
okay and my name is Miguel Moreno from
Mexico City and I want to share some
information about the some reactor
motion that I have in the fields but
before that I want to - thanks to mr.
Keshe for all day all the knowledge that
is giving us - to help the planet to
avoid a the war that is taking place I
am very sure that with this with his
knowledge the consciousness of the
humanity is changing and he's giving us
a very important tool to to be to be
free so thank you very much for all
these compassion that you have for the
humanity mr. Keshe and I want to thank
also all the all the big effort that
Karolina is doing every everyday in all
the all the cash a patient is so I want
to share my screen if it's okay with you
as long as long as there's no
like the earth here my thumb I don't
have any publisher nurtured on stuffing
okay go ahead okay so so right here
mister Cochet
I have a three the star formation you
can see they you can see the reactors
open can't see it's your lon
yeah can you just open the pictures
you're seeing all your friends and your
desktop if you just open the pictures
and then shape it coming out well while
you're looking waiting for this picture
to come up to show you to show you how I
am trying to meet the different energies
to have a more plasma field expansion so
this is a this is one one idea that I
have to to have the the reactors and
this position the star formation I am
starting to use still to in the in the
nuclear in the am in the reactors for
the moment I gonna do different mixes
with all they all the information that
you are giving every week so I am
learning every week that we can have a
different mixes different amounts to
increase the the fields so the result
that I have for this experience because
this say this reactor static reactors
that I have over here we are active also
this one and this another one so the
result the results that I have is a
with a plasma ball in the center they
feel is bigger so that is a the result
that I have for for this for this one I
have a this reactor I put a plate in the
barrel and a city in the barrel to see
the behavior of the fields with the
photons and I gonna play it and you can
see the fields mister Cochet
I want to to show you this a small video
so I am talking about the interaction of
the photons and we have a big amount
just a background in the background
again although we see these colors on we
have this colors because I had a CD in
the barrel of the reactor and I put a
light to reflect the
delight in the CD and it is this is the
the way that I am I am a checking their
result for the combination of the pills
and the photons I gotta I gonna put it
and let me show you because have it has
a dependent different behavior is the
rotating the CD is rotating in the same
devotion as the reactor but you can see
you can see you can see very clear over
here that this is the color of the
plasma we say this a pink color or wear
tonight and
educators up where is the seedy place
and between the motor and the core it's
exactly in the middle so the the motor
is first and in the to put a reactor I
have a hole so in this I place the the
CD in the center to put the reactor in
the can I ask you a question yes you
have you done two or three tests because
it's very important it's a beautiful
idea if we if we understand it
this is not something if it works we
have to understand it idea what you're
done but what I'm trying to ask you to
trick question here go ahead if you if
you put a disk on its own and let it run
without any core do you still see these
color changes no I don't feel so mr.
Kesh I am okay
I want to what you're showing is amazing
you okay I understand what you're trying
to understand I saw it immediately what
you're trying to explain now but what
I'm trying to establish is that they're
always with all our researchers anybody
who does any research you have to have a
zero point reference you understand so
there are a number of steps if you can't
after today do and let us see please
don't change the disk use the same disk
but run the disk with other motor
without the coil with the reactor
without the record you're going to Rio
yeah and then run the core around the
motor with the reactor empty we have to
see how it shows and it has been the
same position the same thing
so this this this is a beautiful
it's amazing how simple T you have
managed to do it in a way we have to
understand it but we have to take all
the elements of any question away
is it the plasma which does this and
this is beautiful
okay let me learn there is one thing
else let me ask you this dis is I want
to take mr. frenum the simplicity of it
is amazing
but have you tried to turn this disc on
his vertical axis and cut the shape of
the core into the disc and if we can see
if he makes any difference if you see a
light so now is saying flat horizontal
have you ever try to make a vertical
field Roche I can try it I can try it
actually let me let me tell you that I
am very sure that this this interaction
this interaction is the result with the
plasma that is giving am a grab that I
have close to this disc a little bit
later I gonna separate you wanna see in
the video a little bit more later that I
gonna separate the disc and the light
from the camera that I am recording
gives a different different field and
different color so I am very sure that
the plasma is interacting in there
I'm excited seeing this one this is
beautiful what you show this is
something in what you show we've been
looking for I have seen another version
of it in China
for a couple of months ago but in a
different shape can I ask a question
have you put another reactor near to
this and mu just moving the other
reactor the reactor
the reactors will and they add together
sometimes a they are moving in different
way in in the plane way so I need to a
stop all of them - can I go stuff rather
now that you should this is a simple CD
disc yes correct
this is a very simple city but if we if
we know that the the elements that did
that has the CD is a it's a very good
conductor from the electricity and same
is the reason I think that is the reason
because a is a I told to to to see how
they the fields are expanding because
you can see in the in the end of the CD
you can see how is right right leading
the energy outside and a little bit
later you wanna see how the matter how
the matter is changing the behavior
I am i I am doing very several several
tests and I had this experience before
with another reactor when I am putting
light when I am taking a light and I am
putting closer with a reactor they
matter the structure of the matter is
changing a little bit later you gonna
see how is moving and how last human the
go ahead
for for me I would like to see the whole
video in one go and then okay okay let
me put it an email
okay well it'd be interesting if you put
the speed rotation on it that we can see
what a speed is creating different
colors yeah
Ivan I don't have the I don't have the
the the tool to make sure I can't see no
no no this units you bought from
channeling am I correct that is correct
I bought it I bought it from a dog do
not be killed in Mexico City I think
that he bought it from Spain
I am I am separating right now they they
reacted Shh check the video and I gonna
put just now I gonna put just the light
from the camera and you're gonna see
different colors and it became behavior
look at her and this is the color just
with the camera and you see that is
different it's different the patrons
that the reactor is given and you're
gonna see the matter how I start to
oscillate in the matter the the reactor
just spin up pay attention how gonna be
like aligned and it's the form in the
matter of the right there you're gonna
see how is a change in the behavior of
the matter like is the forming the
matter from the reactor where is the
matter with us
yeah in the center in the center
look how is the forming the this
is taking different shapes because well
that is the plasma inside
okay so opens up for this what we see
inside the central what we called free
plasma that's a little pipe fix these
have a little white button on the top
this is fantastic
okay now ask me if you don't mind can I
ask if you don't mind now that you
introduced such a beautiful way if other
knowledge seekers can test this and come
back with it next week two weeks to tell
us what you see
okay because right here right I have
another another bisque but I put
aluminum foil in the top because I was I
was say I was trying to levitate some
magnets in the plate because when we
have our aluminum rotating we can we can
have a levitation with Martinez
so I gonna rule this a different video
so you're gonna see this video and you
can see how is reading in a different a
different way like the other one hold on
hello you know yes I'm here right now
mr. Kesh not here right now let me
explain to you something
we have opened as you know you're
opening a factory in Mexico yeah
we have the setting up lab and their
teaching approaches they're in the
factory there'll be nice if you could
teach there to other Mexicans will be a
pleasure with ya my pleasure that is
written because we are here with okay so
let me show you this different a
different test that I have just another
city in the barren but I I was telling
you that I he put a aluminium foil in
the top to see the behavior and you
gonna see that this be print let me let
me play it you gonna see how come you
can see the field look at that your your
video is not playing well it only shows
a picture while it's skipping really bad
hold on the guests are optimized on okay
do you know how to turn the optimize on
when you share the screen hold on bit
there's a little thing to check for
optimize you can stop your share first
to run so I need to to stop sharing
yeah if you can reshare with object okay
okay : it's best to be ready sure screen
but with optimized and optimized video
and there's there's two options at the
bottom of the share screen window so
sure full screen video
so let me check it out then is say in
the section that is say that have bright
bright more I mean in the share screen
when you select optimized full screen
let me try it in this way so yeah you
can see it again it's coming through
just a minute okay we see your video
here I'm gonna put it again a right as
you can see the reactor but in this in
this case is a a city but I have a
aluminium foil let me play it you put it
on theater mode there and stare at the
small screen yeah bones it's committed
okay so I'm gonna play it so right then
I have they you can see they feel
they're right there you can you can see
the fields and a little bit later you're
gonna see I spill expensive expensive a
feel look at her because and these
colors are for a white light I don't
have any any any color light is just
white light but is connecting the light
in the magnet so you can today do you
see just with the camera with the camera
right there the black the black cube
that I shot there is the Maghreb but I
am taking I am trying to take the field
the field right there and you can see
the the light is white but with the
interaction of the fields is becoming in
different colors and I have another
another video that I have a reduction of
the white almost a 90 percent when you
see day when you see day the video there
Rick Rick or mr. Keshe can you see they
get that that's right that right that
that is the wait let me explain you
something because I made at the reactor
the total weight was 850 gram grams but
when I gonna show you the video first so
you can see there and that is the the
way that I have the because I put a a
small reactor but inside a Buddha then I
call it call you and I really defined so
you can see the way they there and if
the priestess was say age 850 so when I
have a priest test the weight was more
got more weight
for about 950 you wanna see it right
there is the fun we can't see anything
look that weight right right that is
loaded again
can you little bit second please
ice Rick I sent you the link to that
video that he's showing now did you want
to take over the screen share and shared
the video and he can talk over it okay
that would be better again I could I
couldn't kill you because I was listened
a video am i okay we're getting some
music here what's going on
cut the music cut the music please Rick
Rick it's not keep over here it's not
coming through here Ricky
okay it's coming through my end or
something I can't find the video it's in
behind the other video here
that's what's playing I think okay you
got music in that video
no no the background would be no problem
no was in the it's in the levitation
plasma reactor video it's got music to
start with now is that music Jay and
Paschal writing B does not read the
computer sound rec and that'll get rid
of the music well then yeah it's already
been playing for me here because I don't
know if it came through in the live
stream but it's I got stuck in the
background I couldn't shut it off yeah I
can play it without the music just a
minute here I'll start sharing that's do
that so just hang on a second here so
Miguel yelps I'll share the video so
that you can describe it and is there
anything else copyrighted in this video
besides the music
you know I don't have any music in the
video maybe something else or something
because we don't have any music over
here in the first of your levitation
video there's no music it sounds like
something no I know music
maybe it's an ad or something that's
playing another so anyway in this test
the log with weight was 100 grams and
the initial weight was 950 in the search
right here can you see they finding this
cream Oh hold on
no I just took over so I made the video
and see the screen here because you
don't have the bandwidth to be able to
play your video okay look it okay so
what time do you want me to show ya
further further further for their for
their for their for their for their for
their for their for their for their for
their for their for their for this right
there right there it's okay
okay just a second here I share this
properly but one thing that I wanted to
tell you also is a in the first test in
the first test I have I had more weight
that one more weight I had more weight
than in the beginning I don't know
propellers yeah yeah it's a fun sniper
helicopter is it running or not running
right there is its aesthetic but again I
put it I gonna put it running to a
little bit later you're gonna see the
how the the motor gonna be working yes
there I gonna I was doing some some
tests to to reset the scale but the
weight is say the wave was my 950 grams
you're gonna see a little bit later
because what i change the scale
it's a almost 900 grams is there and the
lowest way that I must be able to to to
have was one horn 100 grams without
touching the floor
right there is ruining and it's going
down you see 650
I think that right there is 500 and he's
going down 450 350
450 500 but is going down a little bit
later 350 300 250 grams 300 and the and
director watching they in the air was
not touching the floor 300 250
is that is the fun running in the
background yeah the fun is running in
the background the Sun can create the
rate reduction yeah yeah it sure but I
am sure also that the the the reactor is
great in the field the hill yeah but if
you run a fan without the guns and then
run it whit against the there is a let
me explain something I was the test
talked about here must be cashed a to
what you something zero it I think you
called it to zero the something charleen
has joined cash foundation China and we
will in a short time will bring these
things are that people can do correct
great measure and everything else with
it and what is going to happen is every
unit you buy has to have a rotation
number of digits on it a digital display
and the reversal motor with the switch
that you can reverse back of what and
these are the things which once we will
set up with Chan will sort it out the
process is when you do these kind of
tests especially those who are running
in to do these kind of tests make sure
them there should be a system that you
can repeat the revolution exactly and
get a test number or Reber be able to
reverse your motor those of you who are
advancing in a special test you'll find
your system locks your motors locks we
had this in Arizona actually a after the
Baptist my my mother was a broken you
not working anymore just it maybe it
does now maybe it's that Superman
clothing you're wearing hasn't stopped
it I don't think so because in the very
last moment they the reactor that is say
in the top had a heat with the cable
that I had to renounce oh maybe that is
the reason because a is broken lane the
motor yeah but but you have to be able
to understand how to use these motors a
lot of people are trying to test fly and
the rest of it the the process has come
to be correct that it can repeat it
especially with a speedometer with the
rotation numbers that you can see
roughly what number it is because the
numbers changes according to the weight
of be put into the force - yeah that is
one one thing that I noticed because in
the first test the the weight was 850
grams and after to run the motor for
maybe 10 minutes worth more weight in
the same motor in the same director
maybe 100 grams more I think that was
the reason for the interaction you see
there are a lot of things to do these
are the things you have to watch if you
do the test before sunrise or you do all
the tests after sunset yeah there is a
change that makes rain there is a change
5 10 percent 20 percent variation
depends when you do your test so when
you do certain tests always do at the
same time of the day what in the
afternoon doesn't matter but if when you
do a test test us to follow the same day
if you run your motors on the scale
you see you have a lower limit by 10-15
percent at night than the daytime this
to do with the earth
gravitational-magnetic and the Sun and
the party a unique nation maybe also -
yeah so yeah so when you start doing
these kind of tests it has to be very
precise but what this one I cannot say
anything because it's a lot of radiation
especially when use a handheld scale
these are skills and the position of
their weight in respect to the center
changes the motion that allows a lot of
factors I work with his hand on one they
are not very precise and they're the
important thing is and what you showed
us with the disks with the CD discs if
other Keshe foundation supporters around
the world we have plenty of these CD
ROMs across the house we don't play with
them all games or whatever and try to
see if we can establish a system for it
and come back to us I know it's just a
drill a hole and let's play and those of
you who can do it test it and come back
to us but please do a test with other
wait a test
wait await a test with impure number of
reactors don't move the center cover the
disk is if you can put discs on other
cores to move them close and back and
see what changes is in the diner
aerodynamic changes the colors changes
or is it a field compaction changes if
you can do what I call a pole to pole
test that you can grow the disc on the
bottom and then have a look at it at the
high speed then becomes a very visible
that we can see this is if what we
understand from your body have shown us
can be used and it makes life very easy
for those who follow the path for the
current direction of the fields it's
very interesting what you so I have
video that I let me let me tell you what
is in the reactor in the reactor I put a
co2 dance and they oxy the co2 gans
and zinc oxide twenty twenty percent and
just twenty percent a for the reactor
and I put a little bit of a plastic soda
a little bit of a it's oxide of
potassium and just a very small piece of
aluminum foil to make the reaction to
make a gas inside of the reactor so
after a few minutes I liberate the a
small amount of gas but I left a gas
inside 80 percent and the 20 percent of
the of the liquid of the guns that I was
talking about a rivet before so in
director is a taking place the liquid 20
percent and the gas about 80 percent so
the the gas that I have that I have
there I am very sure that this hydrogen
with another element
did you hear me yes we can hear you okay
so I wanted to share also is mr. Keshe
there yes
mr. Keshe I want to to share with you I
have several magnets here in my home the
first one was the white group by white
cube but I call it the little time
transportation cube
I don't know if you remember the first
time that I introduced the cube with you
maybe two years maybe two years ago or
something like that but you remember I
white cube that I made with different
reactors inside okay no no no you have a
several similar students so it's a hard
to remember but I made a cube because
they Risa because I made that cube is
because you said that we have a field
time and transportation and we came here
and you said also that we can create a
main plasma in the center of the cube to
have daily transportation so I am very
sure that a the seed of time
transportation about the information is
taking place is taking place because
they almost all day testing that I am
doing you say I am following they may be
deficient but I am following also they
my soul my see yes my my soul I am I am
following day the interactions so I want
to let you know
that I have a my dreams are very
different when all the magnets
I am I am I am having different kind of
dreams like a I am I am a conscience I
am aware inside of the eye of my dreams
and I can do different different things
inside of the dreams I don't know if you
if you can understand me what I am
talking about but maybe one mon month
one month back I had a dream and I had a
a dream with a with Jesus and Jesus told
me that you worked you were working with
the humanity because you're gonna bring
back a to Jesus in a more stronger
stronger energy from Jesus to split it
in the you in the humanity so Jesus told
me that you are doing some works or some
testing in the grave a with all the
stuff about a about the Magreb system
but a I don't know maybe sounds like a
little bit crazy or maybe sound like a
tale but I am I am as a children so I am
believing my in my dreams
so Jesus told me that a we're gonna have
all the plasma technology using in the
grade of of price to expand the wisdom
of the universe to the humanity
and in this in in the grave we I must be
able to see Tesla coils and Magreb
systems to interact with the time and
with the energy to change the course of
the humanity because the course of the
humanity is in danger - - the course of
the humanity is in danger because we can
we can have a nuclear war so one of the
mission that you are taking place in is
to say to say the humanity I
I was thinking twice to tell you this
but I I was very impressed with this
information and I am very sure that this
information is coming for another level
of understanding for the humanity and
just just I wanted to to share with you
this dream I would like - to hear your
opinion mr. Keshe
I lost the dream part my net dropped off
sorry about that
and don't worry it's a can you repeat it
again please yeah I was I had a dream
with Jesus and Jesus was talking with me
that you are working with all this
technology to bring back
Jesus - this time in the heart of the
humanity your work your work in my dream
you do we're in the cheezer's grave
working with the plasma technology but
with the Tesla technology also you were
working too
to work with the space the time to to
work with the energy of Christ to to
bring their energy to the humanity thank
you very much and what I would like to
ask is if as many as people can test
this cd-rom if he works for us as good
as he works for our friend in Mexico
that may be be have found away another
way to be able to measure him in the
fields do the colors manifest strength
of the fields
can we associate dances and intensity
with these kind of things
I had another video with another with
another kind of hand and the pins are
different if you want I would like to do
let me explain what I like to do i I
will get this tested very rapidly next
few days we do some test ourselves
because I search for ways the simplest
way that people can see the field how we
can direct the fields and it's important
for us specially space technology to be
able to track where are we where the
leakages are when we say that direction
the fields will give us opportunity next
couple of weeks and if the knowledge
seekers who have this opportunity to do
these things
to test it and we come back and check
and we'll all of us see if it is for us
to see what we seen here and maybe we
can establish a parameters don't forget
the small discs and a big discs are very
different and it has to be of the same
structure if you're using the same batch
of disks and try to use a plain disk or
if you have a disk with the music
does it make any difference and these
are the things maybe this is a
breakthrough we've been waiting for
another breakthrough in a way to be able
to see the field but we have to be very
cautious and it's fantastic what you're
sure that's that's beautiful thank you
very much for your work thank you for
your eat-in kitchen
thank you need Mei while you are here
from Mexico and our friends from Mexico
cash foundation has invested in Mexico
in opening a factory hopefully we should
be able to explain I'll show you
Armen is asleep otherwise we should have
shown you you most probably have seen
the Keshe foundation Mexico pictures
coming in we are building a structure
that where research can be done by the
Mexicans Mexican scientists and Keshe
foundation scientists and maybe maybe we
will be in Mexico very soon we we will
not announce it but in a in a coming
time we are in the process of Armen is
spending a lot of time in Mexico setting
the factory up there getting it done the
Keshe foundation manufacturing team have
been to Mexico from Europe a couple of
two or three weeks ago and we are
looking for the Mexican knowledge
seekers who can teach Mexicans who are
going to work in the factory what we set
up is that we used occasionally shion's
in each nation to be able to teach and
at the same time have work within the
factories these are large sized
factories we are talking six seven
thousand square meter maybe in Mexico we
can increase it to run about eighteen
ninety thousand square meter factory
space we are embarking heavy investment
in South America and what it is if you
have set up a Mexican Spanish Mexican
you never saw a counselor that's the
time to go to that get in touch with
universal councilmember get in touch
with South American Earth councilmember
start gathering together they didn't
know how the teaching operators in
Spanish that the factories can't come
into operation because we need people
who have the knowledge about the plasma
I have nanotechnology that they know how
to handle materials how to train a staff
is there any member of the manufacturing
team in the background with or rec that
if they have any pictures they can show
I see one here maybe ok let me see what
I can dig out of Mexico's then Rick I'm
gonna send you pictures from Mexico and
we're factory I don't know if people
have seen it or not it's a very very
active Mexico very active team is
amazing what they are doing they're very
proud of their work it is if there is a
pictures can be shared from the
management team of the manufacturing I'm
looking for pictures so please get
together speak to your universal
councilmember speak to your earth
councilmember that we can set the
factory running we're looking in three
to six months outputting or free and
this is important for us we need and
then we're announcing very shortly most
probably there is another South American
nation we are moving into there is some
negotiations in the background if we
succeed we announce it but Mexico has
been brought by the Keshe foundation the
property and the team are there I don't
know have you ever shown the Mexican
pictures by the chance Rick
it was in the opening video yeah I think
we did maybe maybe you shared them with
me already some yes above there mr. Kesh
I've got the gang the whole gang
catchers let me just not if these other
people try to get this set up it's kinda
goes funky here okay this is the
important Mexico Mexican supporters of
the Keshe foundation looking for a job
or I sent it to you again if you don't
have it yeah I've got it here I just
have to get it lined up the screen yeah
so spanish-speaking Mexicans that's the
one these are the people who put in
there there is a lab has been
established on the premises very
recently and if you go to the factory
Armand is there next week and some other
members of specialization come and go to
finish this project in the next few
months this runs parallel with Accra and
you're working at the same time too for
the Italian factory to be brought up
into life
and the other question we have a
question from Patrick in the Q&A; and
it's a Gans kind of question
he says I'm Patrick from Germany my
question is from the presentation of
Sunday April 15th from Arizona Research
Center how they make the h1 hydrogen
they said that he puts the carbon out of
the ch3 and then he puts the ch3 in a
coca-cola bottle with a bottle throat
and NaOH to make it nano and they put
the bottle in the co2 production so my
understanding is the co2 production
pulls out the carbon but why they give
the ch3 Mar carbon from the bottle
throat I don't understand that maybe you
can give me another view I don't
understand they he says the co2
production pulls out the carbon but why
do they use the ch3 why why does the ch3
make more carbon from the bottle throat
he doesn't understand why the basically
to use the if it's a compound release so
it makes more the bottle has got carbon
that's obvious it's also releases the
hydrogen from the ch3 correct that would
be the you know the hydrogen reduces
from the chemical bond is not a gas well
that's from the the bottle throat though
right so
it's sort of a double purpose there I
okay well hopefully he'll understand
that I think that's fairly clear okay
what else any other questions or hands
up your honor today sure we can do that
mr. Kish I think we were going to play
the donation video that was requested we
can play that at the end here as well as
a going-away video is there anything
else you'd like to say mr. Kesh before
we run thank you thank you very much and
thank you very much indeed for your
support we try to extend our support and
every in every shape or means to all the
Keshe foundation supporters around the
world and we hope very soon we can
change conditions that as becoming
peaceful one nation may find peace
amongst us or somebody in ourselves
I made an appeal to the American
President and opening of this teaching
is fundamental as we are men of peace
and it stands the same is not to create
fear or threat is to create a condition
that life has value does not matter
where we have to respect life does not
matter what position we take as a
government as an individual as a society
and I'm very very clear about what I've
set and
very clearly every son of every nation
is a son of one father when you don't
have respect for son of a nation you
don't have respect for your own son or
daughter then better not to be a father
this is very clear we need to stop all
this register I clearly made it very
clear any threat can you close your
microphone please any threat any threat
against nation of Iran as Iranian is
against me and the head of Keshe
foundation as a man of peace and the
power I carry within me I act not to
kill not to damage but taking a soul
leaves a cabbage
as I said
is very simple we have to become my
nappies I met with the Americans in
respected a negotiation with Iran 5+1
prepare to meet with Americans on behalf
the Iranian nation to talk peace I for
an eye tooth for a tooth as the
gentleman said in his dream I was the
Christ in reality is exactly the same
peace has to come out of their strength
not a weakness and I have the strength
and are applied I do not want to see as
I said to the Israelis years ago
submarines we should never come up ships
which will never be found
planes which will never be found but
this time is not just the planes the
ships and submarines is the family of
those who imply apply it to because the
blood of war mongering has to die
amongst mankind testily and I will show
just test I have no fear
my only fear is man to go and kill more
thank you very much thank you mr. Kesh
once again okay that wraps up the 220
first knowledge seekers workshop for
Thursday April 26 2008 een thank you
everybody for attending and I believe
Flint will play a couple of videos here
if you'd go out with hello we are the
cash foundation our mission is to bring
peace on earth and join humanity with
the universal community we wish and work
to bring man as equal to all beings in
the universe by teaching plasma science
and technology equally to everyone no
one is left out and no one is abused due
to lack of knowledge by donating to us
you can help achieve this goal cash
foundation.org forward slash donate
the process of understanding is very
simple the process is as I explained
last time I explain more in detail
become we are created out of the race
within the center of the universe
in interaction and reduction in strength
and division by the strength in certain
strength fields in collection of the
totality of the expansion of the
universe some energies some dynamic
fields have come together over billions
of years these fields we - the creation
of what we call the sea
where the possible gathers together
the same process repeats again because
the Sun is the same as energy cell
now the heavier the larger amount of the
energy which is collected in mrs. Palin
delivers of the Sun that the radius R
was the same thing again
radius fields out and in interaction
with the itself but the fields of itself
leads to creation in that process of the
creation of planet the same process
happens again
in the traction of the fields of the
earth with its environment and cooling
an exchange with the strength of the
other things in the environment of the
space of the solar system leads to
creation of my cell matter state and
that itself in coming together and
slowing down in itself sex certain ways
as we called released under the Sun we
call this one
this is the truth about the life and
but if the soul of the man can
understand and absorb and be correct
with his conduct he can become the
strength feels and carry the strength of
the field of the planet which came to
creation and if the soul can understand
with the same process can interact can
be correct can upload with his self the
totality of the strength of what it
needs he shall become the son
and then the same song as energy a taken
a job in the solar system
within the galaxy shall become the
center of
earth we call in the rain come from
the solar system we call it planetary
system we come from the race with the
combin planet
same thing happens galaxies with the
solar systems we said give us all back
into the pack
the life forces of existence in the
universe is the same it doesn't matter
what exchange
what is the man fighting why do we fight
for something which has come from the
point of the creation and in a process
it was bad action
the soul of the man
as the energy of the earth used the face
of the pound the face of the earth and
that process is the same a solo
our sole in reduction in strength in
interaction the emotion of the fields of
environment leads by the recession of
but once it's completed does it need a
face or can it be and becomes free on
the bubble call this all of the math we
feel and attachments existence
our soul is part of the process of the
creation the key to one question oh man
shall be in the future to be answered as
we saw the Sun came birth that was all
earth became and soul
wouldn't be the listen health is full of
bad helps free and a point of departure
would it become the Sun or creation of
another life of many lives of Correction
arrives this shall be and this is how he
when you create soul which is not
correct which is misconduct by itself
and the way we lead the creation of the
next cycle of creation which has started
their own way their own slate
this is one thing the man has never
understood you become the creator of
another universe another side
and this is what you have to judge
restructure to swallow man what would I
like that side me
in the physical life create sugar in the
dimension of the life of the soul of the
man what that man what that soul will
create if man has thought up to now
that's it my end my point that is
finished this is much fallacy that when
the Sun is destroyed and shaped for they
shall be nothing left but we know the
part of the Sun becomes part of the
galaxy and of Spartan life so shall be
this way

the judgment of man has to be according
to what he sees the future his soul can

the day of judgment for a man not in
front of the Creator that what my soul
judges to be and what shall create
man never understood
and shall never understand two can soak
this time I'm opening itself
the reality is very very very real and
that is as we seen the energy of the
galaxy become the Sun may lead you up to
son has become the earth and energy of
the earth from soul of Japan so shall be
the soul of the man which is an energy
itself and a recycler
how can you change when you don't
understand how can you change the
process of understanding if you do not
understand the process of the creation
do we need to extend the understanding
of the man that what is the future he
brings we care about our children what
education they get what they wear how
happy their will be where they sleep now
the man has to be careful and consider
what life shall be so creative because
those are the children obviously as we
see the Rays of the Sun has become
planet and seven billion children seven
billion unlimited which is grown so the
soul of man go through the same process
how many billions and subdivisions and
sub matter estate earth is cultured man
your soul shall
will it be the soul of wars and conflict
with them forever killing or wouldn't be
the soul of this let's say a solar
system which is peaceful this is the
truth and the reality of mothers wanted
first of all as I said many time listen
maybe never understood that we saw not
an indestructible and now that we
understood understand on departure from
its culture that the same process carry
on a state where start runnin and his
woman and becomes the energy source
higher water which itself least the
creation becomes a star center new site
of a ship
this is what the human race has to
understand the cycle actually starts
point of death and not finished both of
in so many ways before understands is
after dusts spark surplus came together
to make the earth in the solar system so
has this facts of the atoms has come to
be the creator of man and the essence of
the creation of this box of busting the
solar system has led to the creation so
shall be the fields from the soul of man
speech creation of an assignment like
what kind of item and would like to have
to be created

this is the day of judgment
this is what man never understood now
you have to arrest you have no choice up
to today you are not aware of it dropped
they are aware worst falsified
your conduct has to be to elevate your
soul but inheriting so what did become
the creator of Sanskrit in the conduct
of citizens we don't get a return as
we've seen the process does not stop
with oneself
decide on carrots on

is very interesting in how humanity not
only the fact 200 and take the case for
man to understand and you understand
those on the tools of war the tools of
conflict they have less they have
nothing to start with they have to
become the dust and the solar system but
others till the day they learn more as
they cannot create a new cycle through
their own so this is the elevational -
so not a man to be part of the creation
of beautiful life for the next cycle
when you don't have it you have to
become another cell in the body of the
structure up bigger for you to be just
there that he can done when you have
being so loud
they say do not kill create fear I give
you the point of love for variation if
you cared about your children understand
it to have the best your true children
come out of here who saw in a coming
time how would you like to educate how
would you like to be when you are in
conflict with yourself and of course of
salvation beta this is the truth and the
man will take a long time to understand
as now that we understand the soul of
the man is an operator the radiation of
the future will extend up but whatever
is gathered or the salt at the end
becomes his point of reference as all
creation of its own language

but the strangest thing is what he
creates from the sold shadowkhan to
create other swords

this is the beautiful occasion and wanna
standard understands no limitation
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